Secular Meditations - Open Focus

I spend the bulk of my time on this blog commenting on the Yoga Sutras and Gnostic writings, but I do not want people from secular backgrounds to think they must believe in spiritualism to participate in mediation. 

Not too long ago, I read “Dissolving Pain" by Les Fehmi.  The book is about how we perceive pain in our brain and that we can actively reduce pain by inducing delta waves states.  Studies of Buddhist and Yogic monks have shown they can consciously hold themselves in a delta brain wave state during regular activity.  If you do not want to engage in formal yogic or Buddhist meditation, Les's website offers a range of guided meditations that will essentially get you to the same place.
Take caution though.  If you have any pain or psychological conditions, this method will bring them to the surface, possibly worsening them before you master the skill of Open Focus. Open Focus works by centering attention on space and emptiness, rather then a specific object.  Also, if you are not prone to suggestion or guided meditation, I would pass on this.  There are also certified coaches that you can see if you need help, but I got by just fine on my own.

I got very good results the first time I listened to his recordings, but keep in mind that I am an advanced meditator.  You also have to devote at least 45 minutes a day to make this habit.  If you are looking for a good way to manage anxiety, insomnia and pain without medication, take a look into this.